Sundays are thought of officially as ‘Lazzzzy’ days but I consider them days to Refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings. It’s my day to reflect, reset and recharge for another week ahead. We all know how crazy and hectic weeks can be, not to mention with all the unpredictable hiccups here and there thrown in so take today to stop and breathe. It’s called Self-care and something we often forget, especially mothers by being ‘Busy Bees’. Self-Care can look different for each person and honestly it’s different for me from day to day and I’m still learning what I need. Sometimes I need a good cardio run to clear my head other times I need to eat cookies and cuddle up for some chickflick therapy lol. One thing I have definitely learned is I can’t be my best self for others unless I’ve replenished what I’ve given out. Here are some very simple ways to practice Self-Care:

  1. Listen to music you love
  2. Watch a favorite funny show/movie
  3. Plan something to look forward to
  4. learn a new skill
  5. dance your <3 out
  6. light scented candles
  7. throw comfortable clothes/pjs in dryer for some coziness
  8. take a nice Hot shower or bubble bath
  9. journal
  10. curl up and nap
  11. eat healthy foods (fresh fruits)
  12. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! (water, green tea)
  13. get rid of three things you don’t use
  14. pick or buy yourself some flowers
  15. read or reread a good book
  16. cuddle or play with animals
  17. do something creative
  18. ask for help when you need it
  19. meditate, pray, practice deep breathing
  20. say no more
  21. watch a sunrise/sunset
  22. stop the negative thinking
  23. unplug from phones and technology for awhile
  24. go to bed early
  25. Be 100% present in each moment practice mindfulness

I encourage you to write a list, a book even of self-cares for yourself. I’ve started one and find it much easier when I can pick from a list, I guess I visually see what I need when I read it. Like those Aha moments ๐Ÿ˜‰ Feel free to share yours I can never have to long of a list!


P.S. I am so in love with this image, just melts my heart! It is everything I imagined it to be in my head:)


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