Sharing some love today of this little angel…

There is something so special about the bond of a mother and a child. It’s so inspiring to me to witness and capture behind the lens.  Every touch and caress of her hand, the look in her eyes and her voice, just radiates with unconditional love.  And it’s never just one sided, the baby is soothed by all that and my heart just swells when they do that baby talk back to her. Truly the most precious thing and I love capturing it…


Sundays are thought of officially as ‘Lazzzzy’ days but I consider them days to Refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings. It’s my day to reflect, reset and recharge for another week ahead. We all know how crazy and hectic weeks can be, not to mention with all the unpredictable hiccups here and there thrown in so take today to stop and breathe. It’s called Self-care and something we often forget, especially mothers by being ‘Busy Bees’. Self-Care can look different for each person and honestly it’s different for me from day to day and I’m still learning what I need. Sometimes I need a good cardio run to clear my head other times I need to eat cookies and cuddle up for some chickflick therapy lol. One thing I have definitely learned is I can’t be my best self for others unless I’ve replenished what I’ve given out. Here are some very simple ways to practice Self-Care:

  1. Listen to music you love
  2. Watch a favorite funny show/movie
  3. Plan something to look forward to
  4. learn a new skill
  5. dance your <3 out
  6. light scented candles
  7. throw comfortable clothes/pjs in dryer for some coziness
  8. take a nice Hot shower or bubble bath
  9. journal
  10. curl up and nap
  11. eat healthy foods (fresh fruits)
  12. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! (water, green tea)
  13. get rid of three things you don’t use
  14. pick or buy yourself some flowers
  15. read or reread a good book
  16. cuddle or play with animals
  17. do something creative
  18. ask for help when you need it
  19. meditate, pray, practice deep breathing
  20. say no more
  21. watch a sunrise/sunset
  22. stop the negative thinking
  23. unplug from phones and technology for awhile
  24. go to bed early
  25. Be 100% present in each moment practice mindfulness

I encourage you to write a list, a book even of self-cares for yourself. I’ve started one and find it much easier when I can pick from a list, I guess I visually see what I need when I read it. Like those Aha moments 😉 Feel free to share yours I can never have to long of a list!


P.S. I am so in love with this image, just melts my heart! It is everything I imagined it to be in my head:)


A day filled with so much Love, Laughter, Happiness and quite a few tears with many treasured memories. My heart is so full of joy for these two special blessings.

Best Wishes always & forever~




The Groom




Two are better than one for there’s always someone to hold on to and help you up..



as a token of love…



There’s still so many more for them to post and share. This was an amazing, but full day for me, as a mother of the MOH and aunt to the BTB, so I was thankful to have my second shooter Makenzie helping:) Hope those Honeymooners have enjoyed their Aloha time in paradise.

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blog birthday

I could write a post to the moon and back on how amazing I think this Beautiful girl is or how blessed I’ve been to be a part of her and her family’s life for so many years. Morgan I wish you all the happiness the world can give you and that your blessings overflow today and always. Looking forward to more fun times together creating memories like this day. Love you~april

So very excited to share this Post! I had the chance to sit down and chat with busy mom Amanda that brought her two girls into the studio recently and explain that I have for some time wanted to do something different with the blog when I post. I wanted it to be a place that edified those who spent their time to stop in and read in some way, shape, or form. Whether it as teaching something new, Passing on important information, or sharing a life testimony to inspire and encourage others whom might relate. I’m so thankful we talked, because she is a perfect mom to share that there is Hope in Faith while trials make you stronger.


Amanda, please finish my sentence

The most fun thing about being a mom is…

Watching my girls’ personalities grow.  Alivia is so funny and keeps us laughing constantly. I homeschool her and we make it fun with songs and silly dances. Annalise has the biggest and brightest smile so with her, I have a blast making her show it to me.

The last time my children made me laugh…

Was when I asked Alivia to get Anna’s bottle that fell under the bed, she replied “mom, what are you crazy, you know I’m half dad’s size and cannot fit under there”.   I was getting Annalise to sleep and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

My favorite activity to do with my kids is…

To Dance.  That’s right, booty popping kinda dancing. They just laugh. I started this with Alivia when she was a baby and now she and I love dancing with Annalise.

The last book I read was…

20 Rules and tools for a Successful Family by Dr Steve Stephens.  Of course with a 4yr old and 6month old, reading isn’t something I get to do often! The book can be found Here. This is a book I highly recommend.  It gave 20things that are so easy to do and will make any family closer!

When I was a kid I said, “When I’m a parent I will never…”

Call my kids by their sibling’s name. Of course I do this on a daily basis and hate it every time I do it.

I carve out time for myself by…..

(gee what is time to myself?! lol) I just started running actually.  Couch to 5K, which is super easy and so much fun. I will admit I do not listen to Christian music like I should, instead I listen to TLC Radio on It makes me think back to my carefree days as a teenager. I love it! (here is an app for Couch to 5K to make it easy on you and the Pandora TLC Radio)

When I need a quick meal I…

Pop in a frozen lasagna. yep that’s right a store bought, Stouffer’s lasagna.  It tastes even better since I didn’t have to make it!

The television mom I’m most like is…

I don’t really watch TV but I do wish I was like Mrs. Brady because I so badly wish I had Alice to cook and clean for me!

My favorite time saving gadget is…

The microwave! Reheating leftovers is so very nice.

What surprises me most about being a parent is….

How much we worry.  I spend a great part of each day worrying about my girls, usually it is over something trivial.

Three things my children have taught me are…

1. That life is short and unpredictable but God has an amazing plan for mine (and yours). I have 5 children even though only 2 are on this earth with me.  My babies in heaven taught me that we aren’t in control, God is and His ways are so much better than ours.

2. What unconditional love really means.  They don’t love me because of what I do for them, they love me because they are mine.  god used me to create them and we have a bond unlike any other.

3. The love of God.  Until you have a child you don’t fully understand what God did for us by sending his son to die for us.

What I want my children to learn about life is…

That God  wants us to first and foremost love others.  We aren’t to judge others and put ourselves above  them.  I pray that in all their actions they show love.

Our favorite tradition is…

Every night we read the bible before bedtime.  That is my all time favorite tradition.

The most noticeable way parenting has changed me is…

I have learned that I am not the center of the universe.  I use to be pretty selfish and think things had to be my way, kind of like I needed to control everything.  After having Alivia we lost 3 precious babies.  It was the darkest and hardest time of my life.  I didn’t want to lean on God or have anything to do with God really.  I couldn’t even say bedtime prayers with Alivia anymore.  But, thankfully God didn’t give up on me.  My faith was strengthened in a way that I never thought possible.  So I guess that’s when I really learned who God was and grew in my relationship with him.

One thing I wished I’d known about parenting before I became a parent…

That it is so much harder than you think or could ever describe but it is so worth it.  It’s a constant state of being selfless and all your desire is for your children to be healthy and happy.  Also, if someone had told me that I wouldn’t shower daily and rarely even get my hair done I wouldn’t have believed them, lol.

I really was encouraged learning  more about Amanda and I hope you are as well.  She is as beautiful inside as she is out and more then willing to talk with anyone that might have questions about her experience and faith. You can email me at and I will help you contact her.

Because I can’t possibly introduce you to her without showing you just how beautiful her and her girls are I cannot end this post without sharing a few of our time together!

thanks Amanda for the blessing<3




Even if the weather is not going to cooperate and it’s not just popping up blooms everywhere, Spring is here! This little princess came to visit in the studio for some Spring pictures with her 4month session recently. She is an absolute joy to be around and I’m sure like everyone else that knows her made me want to just keep her indefinitely



And because every parent should have something so precious, I’m going to have a few Easter Sessions in the studio….Easter minisessions-2

Thrilled to show a peek with an engagement session of this very Beautiful Sweetheart and the love of her life. So blessed to be able to capture another part of her life. Seems like just yesterday we were taking Senior pics. It amazes me how time flys.

I’m a huge lover of Sunsets. I will literally drop what I’m doing and even pull over from driving just to watch one. They really are at the top of my list for one of the most romantic things ever. Give me a dramatic sunset or even just a sweet soft sunset and I’m a happy girl<3

So an engagement session just naturally has to have a sunset image in my opinion and of course being the trusting up for anything girl that she is, was all for it even if we were going to be chilled to the bone after, but hey there’s always Hot Chocolate and snuggling right? lol Very thankful they stuck it out because this happens to be one of my all time favorites!

Sadler sunset





I tend to love new things. Can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t. Sure I love my old comfortable faded torn blue jeans and favorite T but I’m talking about other New things. So just in case you need a refresher on the definition let’s review:

  1. 1.
    not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.
  2. 2.
    already existing but seen, experienced, or acquired recently or now for the first time.

I love new things such as new discoveries, new adventures, new friends, new recipes (yea doesn’t take long for food to be mentioned with me lol), new places, spaces, gardens, flowers,  and the list goes on and on… Such is the case with this new blog. A new labor of love to share new things. And what better way to start a New blog then with a Newborn. Ahhh  yes.. I thought that would get your attention;) There’s just nothing so precious and mesmerizing as the birth of a baby.

So I want to begin with a special family I’ve already had the blessing of capturing once before.  We gathered together while waiting for the anxious arrival of the new princess under the family tree for a special portrait.

fearfully made maternity


and I guess this is just what she had been waiting for because shortly after she made her appearance and I got to meet this new little princess that gave me baby fever all over again!


I’ll just let you see for yourself…

fearfully made maternity2


She’s an absolute bundle of perfection and very much loved!

So now that I’ve shared my new thing I hope you share some of yours in the comments. If it’s recipes don’t hesitate to leave a link! Which reminds me I’m thinking of having one of those ‘Favorite Things’ Party in Dec with some girlfriends which I’m very excited about as well.  If you haven’t heard of it here is where I found it Renee at Creative Orchard blog did a great job explaining it simply enough and loved her festive colors. It will kind of be like OPRAH’s favorite things but with a lot less screaming lol